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Professional Disinfection


Have you done everything possible to ensure the safety of your home and workplace?

Protective Gear

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has now spread globally, and has been designated a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Sadly, this virus is highly contagious, and has spread across the UK resulting in many hospitalisations as well as a large number of deaths.


Consideration should be given to disinfecting and deep cleaning your home or work place on a regular basis.

Moova Covid Fogging.png
Protective Gear

Moova & Son Ltd has the expertise to undertake Coronavirus infection prevention and control on your premises. We are now able to offer a Fogging service which is a specialist cleaning service required to control Coronavirus.










We cannot clean (fog) areas with food etc

The purpose is that the fog goes airbourne and then settles onto surfaces killing all viruses and bacteria

We also need the area or building clear for 1 hour after so the fog can work


Weekly £25

Fortnightly £35

Monthly £45

One off £50


We are in the process of updating this section of the website. If you need more info in the meantime please don't hesitate to contact us.

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